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Reviews and free software downloads for Windows, Mac, Palm, Pocket PC, and Mobile Phones. The best programs and games. Buy software directly online.
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    BitTorrent is the official client for the eponymous protocol, peer-to-peer, and it's lightweight and full of features.

    Download any type of file

    BitTorrent features a search engine to find torrent files – you can also use Bit Che as an alternative – and it incorporates RSS technology, which is used to alert the user to the presence of a new torrent online. For each torrent, the program shows the general download data and information about peers, seeds, and trackers, as well as charts on download and upload speeds.

    BitTorrent isn't just used for downloading files (movies, games, documents, videos, MP3 music and other material not covered by copyright), but also for sharing them, letting new torrents be created.

    BitTorrent offers several other features, borrowed from uTorrent, including:

    • Remote Control Downloads: The software can be configured to allow you to remotely monitor your downloads via browser or via the Android app, BitTorrent Remote 

    • Drop files to send: dragging a file onto the interface of the program will create a link that you can then send and share with friends, which means they can immediately download the archive materials that are available.

    • Apps: a downloadable plugin interface can be installed with one click, allowing you to expand the capabilities of the software.

    • Speed Guide: determines the actual upload and download speed of the connection being used and automatically chooses the optimal setting in the program so that downloads are carried out as quickly as possible.

    A clear and configurable interface

    The interface is intuitive, well organized, and has a modern design. From the main screen, you can see theactive and inactive torrents, and the completed downloads, as well as the ability to access the options menu where you can configure all of the settings at the bottom of BitTorrent.

    Powerful and lightweight – one of the best pieces of P2P software

    BitTorrent, like uTorrent, is among the most popular pieces of file sharing software. It consumes few resources, doesn't weigh your PC down, and rarely freezes.

    Ultimately, it's ideal for anyone who is looking for a quality torrent client that's very configurable and can be used for free P2P downloads.

    Download BitTorrent in Softonic

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    Download ExoSee 1.0.0 in Softonic

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    Download DC++ 0.831 in Softonic

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    Download Piolet 1.99 in Softonic

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    eMule Plus is a spin-off of the highly successful eMule project and mainly aims to improve both its interface and efficiency. Based on the eDonkey 2000 P2P network, the developer slogan for the project is, “The eye candy eMule client, feel the boogie.” So we got down with the boogie to see if it lives up to the hype.

    As far as the eye candy goes, the main interface is almost identical to the original eMule so don’t expect any big surprises there. The main changes involve the way the program handles downloads. In a nutshell this means one thing – your downloads should be more stable. The way it verifies files as well means that you should also end-up with fewer corrupt or false files. In terms of speed, we noticed very little difference between eMule and eMule Plus although the latter is supposed to be a little bit slower. This is because it aims to increase the number of other seeds available to avoid the problem in eMule where people seek the fastest download and then switch-off. The result is that although you may not experience quite the same download speeds, you should get a more consistent download which could mean you eventually download the file quicker.

    Whether eMule Plus is more stable is still unclear. Over prolonged use, users report differing experiences although this will also depend on what other programs you are running alongside it. As with the original program, you are more likely to experience instability issues if you have multiple downloads of big files left running over an extended period of time.

    eMule Plus seems to have pretty much all the benefits of eMule – except that it doesn't seem to be updated as often as the original. However, if you’ve experienced persistent problems with the original eMule, then eMule Plus is definitely worth a go. You should certainly experience more stable downloads if nothing else.

    Download eMule Plus 1.2e in Softonic

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    eMule is a free open source P2P client used for downloading movies, music and many other media file types.

    It works by using ed2k (eDonkey) and Kad (Kademlia) protocols. The search results are consistent and the download speed is often high, although it's not always easy to find secure servers and the software doesn't support the use of torrent files.

    Connect to the server and download

    To use eMule, just connect to a server or the Kad network, search for the file you want to download, and wait for the download to complete.

    Generally, you get lots of results from eMule: you can search for a file name, but also filter the search by type (audio, video, program, image or software).

    Allocating priority when downloading is based on a scoring system that awards credits based on the amount of data exchanged and shared, which in turn determines your position in the queue.

    With eMule, you can also view user comments about the file you're downloading so that you know if it's corrupted or if it's a fake.

    The presence of fake files, corrupt files, or files saved under a false name is one of the main problems with eMule. To prevent this problem, consider the option of using SafeMule– this is a modified version of eMule that has a spam filter and is useful for identifying (and avoiding) fake files.

    Unfortunately, eMule does not support torrent files, but BitTorrent protocols have proven to be faster if you're downloading large files.

    Ideal for beginners

    Where eMule excels most is with its ease of use and the ability to download files from the browser, without having to search for them and get lost in the maze of the network. It's for precisely this reason that it's recommended for less experienced users who want to avoid any complications while they're downloading.

    One of the advantages of eMule, compared to other P2P clients, is the ability to use a media player like VLC to play a preview of the video or MP3 files that you're downloading.

    The design of eMule has changed very little over the years, and as a result, now seems a little dated. A redesign of the interface to make it more modern would be a definite improvement.

    A really well-known P2P client

    eMule is a file sharing program that's suitable for less experienced users, thanks to its ease of use and the large number of files found in the search results. It's among the best known and highly rated pieces of P2P software.

    Download eMule 0.50a in Softonic

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    Download SlavaNap 3.1.0 in Softonic

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    This download is temporarily unavailable.

    Ares is a great P2P client for file sharing. It supports the downloading of torrent files, includes a multimedia player, and best of all, is free.

    Ares functions 

    Just like eMule, BitTorrent or uTorrent, Ares helps you download movies, music, programs, games, images and other files (provided they're not covered by copyright). 

    The application supports the download of Torrent files, letting you preview files before downloading. It includes a player to play media files (audio and video) in the shared folder, as well as letting you surf the web directly from the client. 

    With Ares, you can download a file from multiple sources, which improves the download speed. When it comes to speed, there is software out there that promises to speed up your Ares downloads, like Ares Galaxy SpeedUp or Turbo Booster, but we're skeptical about their effectiveness.

    Intuitive and adapted to all

    The interface of Ares is easy to use. With just one click, you can access all the client's main features (search, download, chat, settings, library and Internet browsing) from the main screen. 

    Take full advantage of the search engine, which allows you to filter content by type.

    Download speed

    Ares is suitable for those looking for file sharing software that's intuitive and uncomplicated. The waiting time for downloads to start is minimal, and the download speed is excellent

    On occasion (although pretty rarely), you might have trouble connecting, but using the Ares Fix tool will solve this quickly.

    Download Ares 2.3.0 in Softonic

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    Download NeoNapster 4.0 in Softonic

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    Blubster claims to not only offer you the ability to find just about any Mp3 song out there, but it also offers you the possibility to find professional quality streaming files. Once your client program connects to a gateway, you can search and download Mp3 music files from the MANOLITO protocol community. The secret behind the huge amount of Mp3's is that it allows an unlimited number of peers to connect. You've also got the option of “voice chat” to get in touch with other music lovers with the same tastes which you can keep track of in a "Hot List".

    The interface is clean and simple with clear buttons and a navigation toolbar on top which makes it very simple to access your shared folder, searches and file transfers. The media player is located at the bottom and you have full control of how your music sounds without much complexity. The download speeds are quite impressive too which again, is partly due to the large number of users connected at one time. Probably the coolest feature is the ability to post web links of your music files which can be sent by email to be shared via Blubster. A fresh new way to share Mp3's.

    Download Blubster 3.1.1 in Softonic

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    Morpheus is an age-old P2P application and, with support for Gnutella, eDonkey, Bittorrent and many others, probably the most versatile you can find on the market

    Morpheus (support has now been discontinued) once aimed to turn the P2P client into the ultimate multimedia application. The application window is divided into 4 tabs: search results, my files, podcasts and Morpheus Online. A pane on the left side allows you to create playlists or keep track of searches and videos. Morpheus also lets you sync all your downloaded files to import them automatically to iTunes. Oddly enough, the chat tool is hidden at the top of the interface, next to help and preferences.

    Morpheus wants to be a multifaceted app, not just a simple P2P program. It includes an embedded browser, Morpheus Online, from which you can check out the internet or find new files to share while you’re downloading. This is particularly useful when you’re looking for new podcasts. By clicking on the podcast page button in the podcasts tab, you will be taken to Morpheus’ own podcast library. While it’s not as star-studded as the iTunes library, it’s full of varied and original content.

    Morpheus' podcast tab is wisely divided into podcast and episodes, so you can browse through what you’ve downloaded. However we were quite confused by the podcast downloading procedure, as the progress bar is hidden in the file window of the My Files tab.

    Morpheus has also beefed up its security. You can now select your antivirus application to automatically scan downloaded files. The program also includes solid parental control. You can also add a password to make sure you control who has access to Morpheus. The application also introduces UDP technology to improve the performance of downloads and allow secure file sharing between 2 firewall protected PCs.

    Morpheus comes with interesting enhancements, but not enough to get us overexcited. Add to that the many drawbacks we found in the application. The interface is way too clunky. The My Files tab has an additional file window at the bottom, which adds to the confusion on the interface. The one-click burning function is something we were eager to try out, but it was nowhere to be seen.

    However hard Morpheus tries at integrating cool features like web browsing or podcasting, we figure the application should only be used for what it’s good at i.e. P2P downloading. The program gives access to all the P2P networks, even Bittorrent, and the new version introduces safer and quicker transfer thanks to UDP technology. The other extra features in the application like the library structure or web browser feel a bit awkward, and therefore failed at turning the program into a true multimedia application.

    Morpheus is a solid P2P application, but doesn't make the jump to multimedia super-app.

    Download Morpheus Basic 5.5.1 in Softonic

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    Download Gnucleus 1.8.6 in Softonic

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    Limewire is no longer available, due to a court-ordered injunction requiring it to cease all operations.

    Limewire is a very popular peer to peer filesharing application. Users of the latest release will notice the radical redesign, bringing it aesthetically up to date.

    Like Vuze before it, LimeWire appears to be encouraging legal downloads with the LimeWire Store. The library is so far a little limited compared to competitor download stores, but we expect this will expand.

    Otherwise it's business as usual on LimeWire, but with a much simplified and cleaner interface. Because it's a new release, there are still some bugs, but the basic file sharing functions as well as ever. The new design makes scanning your search results much easier, and downloading files is totally intuitive.

    The built-in player is still unintrusive and useful for checking audio and video files, but no more. LimeWire goes out of its way to check you are aware of the legal implications of illegal filesharing, on installation you have to agree not to infringe copyright, and if you download a file for which LimeWire can't find a license you will be warned and can stop or continue at your discretion.

    The Friends function has been much improved. You can sign in with your Gmail, Jabber or LiveJournal accounts, and share files between any of your friends there who are also on LimeWire. This is much easier than tapping out IP addresses, and if enough of your friends use LimeWire, it could become great community sharing tool.

    LimeWire searches remain within the P2P network, but you can open torrent files with it, and it functions very well as a torrent download client. This is not the most advertised feature of LimeWire, which may a way of keeping legal challenges at bay, but it's a shame that you can't search for torrents within the program.

    The official release of LimeWire 5.0 makes for a much improved P2P experience.

    Download LimeWire Basic 5.5.14 in Softonic

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    Although P2P networking still survives as a means of downloading video, audio and software, many people are now turning to torrents as a means of getting hold of their entertainment. While BitTorrent and BitComet rule the roost in terms of on-the-fly downloads, there are a few other pretenders to the crown that are worthy of a mention. BitSprit is definitely up with the best of them, allowing you to grab hold of torrents quickly without any fuss.

    The application is significantly easier to use than many of its rivals, however, BitSpirit disappoints compared with its peers when it comes to tracking active downloads. If you would like to access information on your current download then you need to access the torrent itself, rather than relying on the application to provide you with this information.

    That's not to say that BitSpirit is a total failure though, and the application boasts many assets to challenge the other contenders in the market. For instance, the app uses very little PC resources, leading to quick, smooth transfers that occur without any annoying program restarts. The program is very easy to pick up and use and save for a major bug when utilising the UPNP, BitSpirit is smooth and effective.

    Originally a Chinese program, the app includes some horrible menu translations, making it often difficult to select the right menu option to access your download. That said, managing file download locations and tweaking options are both really simple operations. You are furnished with plenty of flexibility for accessing your downloads, giving you a host of options for choosing the source location and destination of the file.

    If you're looking for a BitTorrent client that gives you access to files quickly through a simple interface, then BitSpirit is a worthy app. However, if you want a larger selection of files with a minimal chance of file corruption or hanging then you'd be better off sticking with the more reliable uTorrent or BitComet.

    Download BitSpirit in Softonic

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    With the release of Vuze, Azureus is jumping onto the legal torrent bandwagon. This application features the classic and extensive Azureus torrent client and adds to it an online platform from which you can download and submit legal audio and video content.

    Vuze’s interface is a complete shake-up to what Azureus users are used to. The BitTorrent developer has decided to focus on online multimedia content and introduce user participation. The first thing the user sees is a "Find, Download, Play" screen to introduce you to Vuze. You can browse files by using the left side menu, divided in time, main channels and tags. The menu at the top also links to hot and new content. Vuze takes the web 2.0 road and you'll see that most of the files have tags. You can write out a comment and leave a rating. The program also makes it a no brainer to send a video by email and link to content directly from your blog or website. Additionally, there are social bookmarking links for each file.

    Downloading torrents is as simple as using the search bar, which the gives you options to search the Vuze site and results from the major bittorent sites such as Btjunkie. You can also easily add more sites to that list if you wish.

    We won’t expand on the qualities of the Azureus client. Vuze tries to innovate by adding social tools to the program and providing legal content in the Vuze HD Network. There are numerous channels to choose from, yet we were disappointed with the content in general. On some channels there's very little to watch and on others you don't necessarily find what you were hoping for. Much of the content feels cheap and throwaway, even if it is in glorious HD.

    On the downside Vuze does nothing to atone for Azureus's principal drawback: the overuse of your RAM and DSL connection. Yes, Vuze is still a resource and bandwidth hog, and there's nothing you can do about it.

    The whole interface is really simple, though the program is so heavy you will get some slow down, and the amount of legal content is still limited, Vuze is a promising application for sharing and enjoying legal content.

    If you're already hooked on the original Azureus bittorrent client, take a leap into the future with Vuze.

    Download Vuze in Softonic